“WESCO has helped Cadence grow and develop incredibly over the last 18 months.  The first work we did together was the implementation and execution of the Integrated Supply Management (ISM) contract for Southern California Edison (SCE) in early 2013, and we are currently, and will continue, to do work together for many years outside of the SCE contract.

Cadence historically had a very limited line card with few manufactures represented.  Through WESCO’s continued support and mentoring, we now have an extensive product line and manufacture base, which includes the ability to procure material directly from GE, ABB, Burndy, 3M, T&B, Power Delivery Products, Schweitzer, and several others.

From a systems standpoint, Cadence utilized a very archaic ERP system with Quickbooks to handle the accounting.  We quickly realized that if we were going to keep up with WESCO and the technology requirements of the ISM, Cadence had to make some drastic changes, and we had to do it quickly.  Our key employees worked with WESCO senior management and IT personnel to help us develop a system that was 100% cloud based and integrated (ERP + Accounting + CRM) through Salesforce.com.  The system is live, operational, and very much cutting edge.

Financially, our distribution business has increased over 30% in the last 12 months, and we have made an additional 9 hires to support the current and future expected growth.  This level of explosive growth would not have happened without the mentoring and support of WESCO, and we greatly applaud and appreciate their investment in not only utilizing the diverse business enterprise (DBE) community but also leveraging their capabilities to help grow DBE businesses.”

– Jake Bergman, CEO, Cadence Power